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We are a cloud consultancy firm specialising in all things AWS and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals who believe in the transformative capabilities of the Cloud. We strive to deliver cloud based solutions to address our clients toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionise the IT industry in the GCC region and create positive social change.

Our founders have over 30 years of collective directive technology experience in the Australian and GCC market, Metikulus was established to bring this experience and capability to the GCC. So, what does Metikulus have planned for the future? Expect a continuation of what we’ve already started: achieving quality outcomes, building lasting relationships and delivering on what we promise. While concurrently pushing the envelope with ensuring that our partners in the GCC fully realise business value from cloud investments.

Who We Are

Our firm is designed to operate as one—a single regional firm headquartered in Bahrain united by a deep commitment to the economic vision of the GCC.

We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing local skills so that we can quickly deliver the right solutions, with local experience and expertise to our clients in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Our Cloud Engineers, Consultants and Architects come with a vast amount of experience from all industries. They join Metikulus for the opportunity to apply their talents to complex, important challenges.

Our Vision
Our mission is to help our clients in the GCC derive substantial business value and agility from Cloud related investments while also building a great regional firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains the best talent in the GCC.

What we do?

Cloud Security
Cloud security at Metikulus is the highest priority. As a Metikulus customer on AWS, you will benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. We provide several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control. These include Network firewalls built into Amazon VPC, web application firewall capabilities in AWS WAF and encryption in transit with TLS across all services.
Cloud Architecture and Design
Our AWS Architecture and Design Services provides the expertise you need to successfully architect and design the best Amazon Web Services solution from the vast catalogue on offer. We’ll help you migrate onto the AWS platform while maintaining security, compliance, scalability, availability and cost efficiency. Our team of AWS qualified architects will analyse your requirements and deliver solutions on time and on budget.
Cloud Adoption Strategy
our organisation’s cloud adoption journey will be unique. Your circumstances, priorities and obligations will shape the path you take and determine how best to plan and adopt new technologies and environments. However, there are some common stages, or consideration areas, that we have experienced that feature in almost all cloud adoption projects. As a result, we have created a created a cloud adoption methodology to help highlight these stages and provide advice for our clients embarking on their move to AWS.
We can assist your organisation create and apply cloud specific policies or principles to the use of your AWS services. Our goal is to secure applications and data when they are located remotely and to automate the checks and controls required to ensure adherence to your cloud specific policy.
AWS Training
Metikulus delivers a variety of engaging and hands-on official AWS training courses that cater to all; whether you're new to the cloud or have experience with AWS services, we have something for you.

How We Do It?

We think

We live and breathe innovation to define problems and discover opportunities.

We plan

We combine creativity and practicality to conceptualise the best solution for you.

We build

We bring technical know-how and agility into play, and we work in well with others.

We check

We test quickly and comprehensively using automated tools to review each line of code.

Why Us?

We place our clients first; the technology is simply a means to an end that supports growth and success.

Although we place you first when it comes to our goals and culture, it doesn’t mean that we neglect technology. We’re fully committed to AWS accreditation, training and certifications. We only partner with the best n the AWS ecosystem and work very closely with them to deliver advanced services on AWS’s award winning platform.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate closely with our clients and partners to develop tailored, flexible solutions designed to suit your specific needs in AWS. Our solutions are scalable and continuously evolving to meet the changing demands in multiple industries and sectors.

Our founders have over 30 years of collective directive technology experience in the Australian and GCC market. Together with our certified engineers and architects, you can be assured that you will only be dealing with experienced and capable experts.

Whats New?

Where to Find Us?


If you have any questions, comments or queries feel free to get in touch via any of the below methods.

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